Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rashida Marie Strober Says The Darndest Things

Rashida Marie Strober is an idiot.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll explain why.

Kendrick Lamar (the best rapper in the game right now) released one of the greatest albums of all time last month: To Pimp a Butterfly. To sum up that album as succinctly as possible: pro-black. He talks about black struggle a lot, and he's passionate about it. There is a song on the album called Complexion (which is really ironic considering what this post is about).

Complexion (two-step)
Complexion don't mean a thing (it's a Zulu love)
Complexion (two-step)

It all feels the same (it's a Zulu love)

That's the chorus. Basically it means this: the color of your skin is meaningless. The Zulu philosophy of human kindness is more important. Love is love.

So recently, Kendrick announced his engagement to his secret, longtime girlfriend Whitney Alford. Whitney is black, but light-skinned (she is a mix of black and maybe Armenian, but I not 100% on that). Generally speaking, when you hear of two people loving each other for long time to the point where they want to marry one another, you congratulate them and you feel happy for them.

Enter Ms. Strober, out to prove that she is not gonna take that happiness shit from someone so pro-black. She called Kendrick a "fake conscious" rapper and a "coon".

Rashida Marie Strober is a self-professed "Dark Skinned Activist" and runs the "Dark Skin Is Beautiful" Campaign, which means at some point in her life, she was probably hated on and discriminated against due solely on the complexion of her skin. And honestly, loving your skin color in the face of discrimination is great. Hell, I've been called many names over my lifetime, some which include:

Burnt Toast
Purple (seriously. "You're so black, you're purple")

But that name-calling didn't turn me into a light-skinned-hating activist, either. You either rise above it or wilt. I rose. Rashida wilted. She (and others like her - which seems like there just can't be THAT many people like her) needs to realize that you cannot turn hatred into hatred. Being discriminated against should not mean it's time discriminate others. Rise. Don't wilt. Idiot.

Also, why is there a need for activism of this sort? Ms. Strober took the literal sense of the work black in black people. It's almost as if she's saying "Date/marry/have marital relations with people your own skin complexions". Love is love. You like who you like. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. Skin color or complexion shouldn't mean a thing.

You're not helping any cause. You're only making things worse. Case in point:

In doing research for this post, I did some Googling (it's 2015. That's a word now AND you know what it means. Get familiar). This was one of the websites I went to. Right under her picture (which, truth be told, is a great picture of her. She's beautiful.) is a clickable embedded webpage ad. It has two buttons and it wants you to answer a question: What are you interested in? When one of the buttons say "Coon", that's not a good look. I didn't click the buttons, because it most likely would have made me angrier, either because of the content I find or viruses.

You don't go calling people coons. Then you get ads like this just in case you do call someone a coon. Other than maybe the KKK, who is this helping? What cause does this go to? There's no reason for this kind of activism. Love = Love.

And Ms. Strober, you might wanna cover up. Your secret racism is showing...idiot.