Thursday, June 1, 2017

Oh My Earth!

"I stay single, great. A girl comes and changes my earth, great. I'm prepared either way."

That was me two years ago. Totally content with not being with any woman. Just sitting there OK with this. What a dumb ass. I would tell that version of me to cut the shit. 

In this the year of our Lord, Two-Thousand and Seventeen, somehow, a female likes me. And almost as inexplicably, I like her. How did this happen? How did we get here? Well, I dunno. Somewhere along the line this year I decided "you know what? I think I'll try a dating site. Because, sure OK." It was a friend of mine who was all like "Chill. Don't do that. I got you." And I was like "Word, yo." Fast-forward to now and her and I are still going strong. 

And it's all crazy to me. I didn't think I was desirable or wanted or anything like that, but this girl (who I will now refer to as Boogie for the rest of this blog because I needed an incognito name and why not Boogie) has proved me wrong. Boogie has been great for me (whether she believes it or not) simply because she gives me (among other things) more confidence than I can ever ask for. And judging from my previous posts, I believe I lacked confidence. And I would never admit that, either. I can be stubborn like that.

This won't be long drawn-out post. I just basically wanted to say this: Go get it. Pretty much disregard my other "being single" blog posts. They're stupid posts. It's out there, but the only way to get it is to GO GET IT. I got Boogie. Go get your own Boogie.

I think my Earth changed, y'all.

PS. I hope Boogie was a good incognito name. ;)

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