Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Top 10: Appreciation Edition

I was looking over my posts and I'm starting to  realizing that a majority of them seem...not so positive. There are many things that make me rage, but I never give credit to the things in life that I actually like. The people. The places. The whatever. So this is what this is. Ten things I appreciate. And I could list clich√© things like my mother, or  certain family members, or friends. But that would be too easy. I appreciate them. It's just that this would be a very boring post otherwise. So, in no particular order:

1. Salmon
I'm starting to notice that there are people that hate salmon. Not just dislike. Just absolutely loathe it. Why? For what? This fish is too good. There are other great fish to eat, but salmon is on a different level. I just cooked a piece a couple of days ago. Pan seared then baked then devoured. Ridiculous. Salmon is love. Salmon is life. Stop hatin'.

2. Alonzo Lerone
YouTube has its fair share of greatness. And I watch a lot of different channels (like this one, or this one, and yes, even this one). But Alonzo's videos are appreciated more for me simply because he makes fun of the dumb of social media. The misspellings. The bad grammar. The complete misuse of words. Get a dictionary! He's funny as hell. We must do better, but until that point, I'll keep watching him. You should too.

3. Snow/Cold Weather
If you live in the Boston area you know that we all almost died due to the blizzards of last year, so I know that some would consider me "fucking insane". But I have always loved the snow. And the cold that comes with it. Even if there was no snow and all cold, that works too. Even if I have to shovel. Some people have said that I feel this way because I don't have to drive in it. This may very well be the case. But until then, blizzard away, Mother Nature. Blizzard away.

4. Kendrick Lamar
Simply put, he's the best rapper in the business right now. Its not even close (LOL Drake). He's a perfect blend of lyrical prowess, performance, and message. He represents hope, not only in rap, but in the black community as well. If (big IF) I ever have a child, I may have to name it Kendrick. Boy or girl. Doesn't matter. Kendricka if it's a girl, maybe. Am I obsessed? No, right? Definitely not.

5. Single Life
This is why Kendrick or Kendricka or K-Dot Williams may never exist. I still love the fact that I'm not involved in any relationship. It's still so refreshing. Y'all women sometimes are...you know how y'all are. I don't have to explain. It would have to take The Miracle of All Miracles for me to change my mind. Odds are low, though.

6. Bob's Burgers
Secretly one of the greatest animated shows ever. Fox has had some great animated programming in the past, but nothing has been better than Bob's (maybe other than early Family Guy and early Simpsons. MAYBE). The characters have this sense of "real" the other shows don't really have. This has been my reason for using Netflix. #LouiseBelcher

7. Thursdays
I know that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are more popular days of the week, but Thursdays are great because you know the week is almost over. Other than the week being actually over, there's no better feeling than knowing it's coming to an end. Plus, I can't put the word Thirsty in front of Tuesday. Imagine that. Thirsty Tuesdays. How stupid does that sound?

8. Cookouts
Grilling. People. Beer. Great weather. I mean, I really don't have to say anything else. So I won't. #July2nd

9. Jamaican Accents
There's something amazing about the way a Jamaican talks that I just love. The dialect is perfect. In general Jamaica is awesome anyway. The food. The women. The weather. But that accent? Incredible. If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto 4, you'd understand why Little Jacob is my favorite character in that game. Don't you ever stop being Jamaica, Jamaica.

10. Military
There will always be much love and appreciation for the men and women of the United States military. That goes without saying. But my appreciation extends to all men and women around the world in their country's respective military. To have the bravery and commitment that they do is downright admirable. This even goes for countries that either don't like us or I simply don't like (like *REDACTED*. To hell with that place). What you do is great, and you have my respect.

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