Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Uh Oh. Religion.

Of all the topics in the world two or more people can discuss, religion is the one that can be the most heated (up there with politics as well). It can makes totally rational people irrational. Or hostile. Or violent. Naturally it's a touchy subject with lots of people. So also naturally, I wanna touch it (religion, that is. Minds out of the gutter.)

First, some background. I kinda grew up in church. Living with a born-again Christian aunt meant every Sunday the entire household were in church. Sometimes on Saturdays too for choir rehearsal. Sometimes even during the week for Bible study. And I never wanted to go. It was always a minor victory if for whatever reason we didn't go. I had lots of good and memorable times in church, however. And for some of those moments, I wouldn't trade them for anything. One moment in particular stands out above all.

On a midweek night at Bible study, I remember the teacher drilling into our heads that "anything not of God and that is of the world is a sin". I had to have been 9 or 10-years-old at the time. I had a question. Mind you, this will sound sorta silly, but it was one of the important questions that I've ever had to have an answer for:

"What about basketball?"

I don't remember her answer verbatim, but it was somewhere between "Yes, that too" and " I dunno". Her uncertainty gave me uncertainty. She doesn't know? is all I thought. Since that day, even though I went to church (I had no choice), a new way of thinking started to blossom within me. 

Fast forward to today. I no longer go to church. I guess I am what you would call an agnostic. I can't confirm nor deny God's existence, so I have no faith or disbelief in Him. (And yes, I still capitalize the H in him or he out of respect, not belief.) I feel like once I stopped going to church, I could think on my own and come up with a decision to believe or disbelieve. I looked at both sides of the coin and made my choice. I don't truly understand why people love to bash Atheists/Christian for their views and beliefs. Believe what YOU want and don't worry about the next man. 

I remember a conversation between two people a while back. One an Atheist, the other a devout, born again Christian. This interaction was very interesting and quite honestly, it was expected. The atheist pointed out solid facts and points and counterpoints. His argument came across as intelligent and rational. The Christian essentially said God exists just because, except he did it in an unintelligent manner. That's just the devil was the main retort. And it seems that most (not all) conversation like this end up with the same conclusion. Believe, but do it intelligently. If someone asks you why do you think God exists, your answer shouldn't be because!!! Mountains!!! Air!!! Jesus!!! Come across a little more intelligent, and maybe the title of "Religious nut" can be wiped away.

And now a promise: I will never touch religion on this blog again.
Politics though? 

I'm touching the hell out of that.

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